The D@rts Experience


Who or what is The Darts Experience?

It is a completely new darts organization in Flemish Brabant that wants to share the dart experience with anyone who wants to become acquainted with darts, as well as for the experienced darter to bring themselves to a higher level both tactically and mentally.

What is their purpose?

The objective is to promote the sport of darts and also to teach certain training tactics in darts to young and old, experienced and inexperienced players.


How do they want to achieve this?

We want to do this by offering training videos and tools,  By giving skill tournaments that are tailored to individual training sessions

as well By giving initiations and demonstrations that are accessible to young and old, experienced or inexperienced players.

We want to Let people Experience the pleasure of playing darts at annual - and Christmas markets and By organizing a training tour that travels through Belgium.