High - out bingogame:

With this Bingo game you can win a maximum of € 150.
The Finishes are covered with the logo.
This game is only played with the 501 - tournaments

how do you participate?

Every Check-out from 81 must be noted by the writer during the game and passed on to the competition table after the game
the high outs will be announced at the end of each round.

When a player throws one of these finishes, this number is made visible and
he / she receives € 5 from the € 150 pot.
if 5 numbers are exposed on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line then we have a 'BINGO' and the person who has exposed the 5th number in a row gets the remaining pot.

for example :
on the 1st image you can see that 9 high-outs have already been thrown, 9 x 5 € has already been paid out and there is now 105 € left in the pot,

the second image shows that a new high-out (150) has been thrown
but as result that 5 high-outs are exposed diagonally
and therefore form 'bINGO',
this person receives the remaining amount of € 105 from the pot.

If the pot is not completely dispensed,
the remaining amount goes in the pot for a 9-darter.

To claim this pot from the 9-darter you  need to throw a 9-darter , when 6 perfect darts are thrown,
the Marker serves loudly

to call 'six perfect darts' so that there are witnesses of a possible perfect leg, so the player may
then be encouraged for
this perfect leg.

!!! ??? Can he or she handle that pressure ??? !!!

Afbeelding 1 

Afbeelding 2